The Mourning After: You Are Not Alone

3 min read

This morning, I mourn briefly, and then I turn to look forward. The march of progress never stops, it merely slows. There is hope and purpose in all things, and now we have to find it together. Presently, I feel so alone, but I know that I am not.

To my immigrant friends: know that you are loved and welcome by so many in this country. Know that we will continue to fight for you and care about you. You are not alone.

To all women, especially victims of sexual assault: know that nothing and no one can invalidate your pain or your value. We will continue to stand up for you. You are not alone.

To my LGBT friends: I love you. You matter. You are not sick. You are beautiful and your identity is real and no one can take that away from you. We are here to stand with you no matter what. You are not alone.

To people of color: stay strong. The result this morning has me, a white male, fearful for you and your families. But know that you are important and valued. Systematic racism is real, and so many of us will continue to fight it alongside you. You are not alone.

To the needy: we won't abandon you. Where government fails you, we will do what we can to fill the void. We will never stop fighting to change our system to give you a chance to make it. You are not alone.

To the Muslim community, and people of all faiths and creeds: your freedom to worship without fear of discrimination or persecution is so important to this country. I will stand up to anyone who tries to take those freedoms from you. You are not alone.

Finally, to those of you who voted for our President-elect: I don't understand you, and I don't respect the man you voted for, but I will try to understand. I will try and hear you. I am guessing that you felt alone, and this is your response. Well, clearly you are not alone. Now, let's work together to listen to those who still feel alone: immigrants, victims of sexual assault, people of color, the LGBT community, muslims, the needy. Open your hearts to them and I will open mine to you. We won't agree on many things, but I ask you to listen, as I will listen to you. Who knows? Maybe we can actually continue the march of progress together.