Canes win 41-8!

Goofy family

BB-8 Buddy

Happy William

Lacey with Camille and Nikola

Night climb was a great idea

Sydney Bridge Climb with Mark

William as Bing Bong from Inside Out

Colette’s cute costume

No, YOUR Halloween costume is ridiculous 🎃

Fire pit, beer, and baseball ⚾️

Whew, its hot today! 🌞🔥

America aciremA

Colette at The Broad Museum is now my primary social media timeline.

Missing these two cuties, who are visiting their grandmother in San Diego.

Birthday Porterhouse 🐄 🎉

Birthday Manhattan. Blanton’s. Up. 🍸

That was a fun test drive 🏎💨

Troll level 💯, App Store! ⚽️