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March 22, 2017


Lovely Interview with Jenny Slate

Vulture is on a tear lately, with great interview content with some truly interesting people. I just wrapped up reading this interview of Jenny Slate, who is brilliantly funny and blisteringly talented.

Today, she’s leaning in to International Women’s Day by wearing a sundress covered in red roses and made by a company, Day Space Night, that’s run by women. She even canceled her one meeting with a man, an appearance on Snoop Dogg’s podcast, so she could have an entirely penis-free day. And she’s planning on ending the day by going with her girlfriends to a 90-minute seminar on fertility and reproductive rights.

I love her honesty and willingness to be candid about every personal struggle. Notably, I laughed out loud when I read about her evolving decision-making process around selecting projects, in light of her fresly nutured feminism:

And now that she’s got a financial cushion from Zootopia and Secret Life of Pets, she can act on what she’s learned and say “no” more often. Specifically, she’s drawing the line at any movie that, she says, “makes it okay to laugh about things like women’s bodies after birth, like when women who’ve just had babies are referring to their vaginas as all ruined. I think it’s really rude for someone to disparage a vagina in the female body after it’s just fucking created and exploded a baby into our world. It makes me furious and I will not change my opinion on that.”

Love, love, love Jenny Slate. Worth a read!


Daniel Jalkut on Apple's "Clips" and Social Networks

Great post by Daniel Jalkut on Apple's new Clips app, an upcoming app that takes inspiration from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook "stories" to enable users to create fun videos to share with their friends. Interestingly, rather than trying to build out yet another social network (which Apple has famously failed on in the past), Clips targets existing social networks.

... any time Apple might have spent building out their own social network is better spent investing in tools that maximize users’ enjoyment of the social networks they already belong to. Rather than obsessing over the venue in which social interactions occur, Apple can profit by equipping its users to be more expressive, wherever they may roam.

I like this core philosophy, and it actually aligns quite nicely with my vision for the IndieWeb. Rather than targeting only silos like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, it'd be wonderful if great user experiences like Clips could enable publishing and sharing to user sites through Micropub and the ilk. Looking forward to playing with Clips!