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May 04, 2017


A Goddamn Miracle: American Gods, “The Bone Orchard” | Tor.com

I totally agree with this review of the first episode of American Gods. It was, in many ways, a triumph! What seemed unfilmable has started off with an impressive bang. Now, can it sustain its strong start? I sure hope so.


If you're really, truly cheering this outcome, take your selfishness with you and click on the "unfriend" button. Shame on you.


Tim Bray on Blogging in 2017

1 min read

Replied to a post on tbray.org:

Thank you, Tim, for still blogging, and owning your own identity on the web. Your presence makes it more vibrant, unique, and diverse.

The great dan­ger is that the Web’s fu­ture is mall-like: No space re­al­ly pub­lic, no store­fronts but na­tion­al brands’, no vi­su­als com­posed by am­a­teurs, noth­ing that’s on of­fer just for its own sake, and for love.

This sentence in particular resonated with me. I want the web to be a massive, interconnected network of independant thinkers, businesses, artists, communicators, individuals, etc., not just a collection of brands shouting into the void, hoping to attract consumers.