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January, 2018


Watching Georgia lose is fun. Let’s hope this continues!


If you want to follow my smoker on Micro.blog, check it out at https://micro.blog/JonsHotMeat ... I'm doing a cook right now!


Credit to both teams, what a game! Let's hope that OU can pull out the victory.


Wow, what a game. Sad to see UGA win any game ever, but they deserve it with how they played.


This is great! I'd love to see @evergreen_mac support the broader via Micropub and Microsub! We're doing that in Together – https://github.com/cleverdevil/together – but would love a native macOS alternative. Excited for @evergreen_mac!



Love to see all of the new activity on Micro.blog after the latest 💩☔️ over on Twitter. Welcome, everyone!


inessential: 2018: Some Hope

Great post by Brent Simmons. We're at a pivotal point in the history of the web. Its becoming clearer every day that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the rest are primarily motivated by greed, and the world is taking notice.


I've seen the narrative that Amazon Linux 2 is AWS' strategic foothold into hybrid peddled quite a bit, lately. Seems totally off base to me. Its the developer story, folks!



Remember in the early days of AWS, Ubuntu had a foothold as the developer desktop Linux of choice, and that resulted in mass deployment of Ubuntu in EC2? Remember Docker's meteoric rise, prioritizing "works on my machine" as a deployment model? Its all about the developers!


So, yes, Amazon Linux 2 is *primarily* about the developers. Make it as frictionless as possible to do the same thing locally as you do in AWS, and you'll win the hearts and minds of developers. Can Amazon Linux 2 also capture some other parts of the market? Sure.


I'd say, "a little bit" of hybrid, and a *lot* of developer/portability.



Wow, what a day in computing and security! I’ll have more thoughts tomorrow...


Its 2018. Change is in the air. Can you feel it?


Mitigating these vulnerabilities, like most, isn't about "public" vs. "private," its about operational excellence and agility. New vulnerabilities will appear all the time. How fast can you mitigate?



We're in for *many* more exploits thanks to these flaws. If your organization isn't committed to being on top of it on your own infrastructure, its time to start considering a move to someone who is.



Replied to a post on werd.io :

I especially love that I can enter a crosswalk in Downtown LA without fear of a ticket now!


Farewell, DreamHost

2 min read

Late in December, I tendered my resignation to the founders of DreamHost. My last day is Friday, January 12th. After over six years, it’s time to move on to my next adventure. But, before I do, I want to spend some time reflecting on my time at DreamHost.

DreamHost is the reason I moved my wife and infant daughter from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We spent our first year in the heart of Venice Beach, in a little condo on Abbot Kinney Blvd., the trendiest street in the trendiest neighborhood in LA. We now have settled into a lovely home in a great family neighborhood in South Redondo Beach, and couldn’t be happier.

In my six years at DreamHost, I’ve held five different positions, covering a huge variety of disciplines and responsibilities – software development, product management, operations, and even managing an entire business unit. I’ve had the pleasure of helping DreamHost become a company with disciplined engineering, product, and marketing teams. I’ve helped guide the company to embrace modern cloud infrastructure, and been part of releasing some of our fastest growing products on top of that infrastructure. We launched two spinoff companies based on open source technology we created, one of which became one of the greatest commercial open source successes ever.

In my six year run, DreamHost has also gone through a major reorganization, redefined our core values, and defined a Noble Cause, Vision, and Mission. We even stood up for the freedom of our customers in a landmark battle with the Department of Justice! We’ve become a company that knows who we are, what we stand for, and how we fit into the world. I’m immensely proud and gratified to have been a part of it.

Today’s DreamHost has an incredible culture, a caring leadership team, and a bright future. It’s been a joy. Keep on dreaming, DreamHost! I’ll miss you all!


What’s next for me? Well, that’s a different story...


IndieWeb Idea: Follow Friday, but for blogs.



Back on a ketogenic diet for 2018. Ever since the election, I’ve been coping by eating whatever I want. Time to drop some of this Trump weight! 💪🏻


That block by Mariota was amazing. See ya, KC.


Sad ending to a fantastic season for the Rams. Two turnovers in the first half were a killer. Falcons also benefited from a load of uncalled PIs, but they played a better game overall. Deserved win. I hope the Falcons go all the way!


Checked into DreamHost West

My last week at this lovely place.


Micro Monday: Eddie Hinkle

1 min read

Its our first ever Micro Monday, people! Thanks to @manton and @macgenie for deciding to make this happen. I think its a great way to grow the community of Indie Bloggers and Micro.blog itself. My first recommendation for my followers is @eddiehinkle.

Eddie is a fellow IndieWeb developer that I've enjoyed getting to know over the past year or two. Eddie works on an iOS app called Indigenous:

Indigenous is an iOS app that is in development. It’s goal is to provide a native iOS interface to the indieweb movement.

Indigenous is open source, written in Apple's Swift programming language. If you're an IndieWeb-curious developer on Apple platforms, I'd encourage you to get involved with Eddie, and help him with Indigenous!

In addition to his work on the IndieWeb, I also appreciate following Eddie because he writes thoughtful posts about, you know, being a human. Its always refreshing to see someone share how their faith informs their life in an open and honest, accepting way.

Thanks for being awesome, Eddie!


Replied to a post on werd.io :

Looking forward to reading your site this year, Ben. You're always so thought provoking!


Great progress is being made on Together - https://github.com/cleverdevil/together - an open source "reader" for the open web, with support for IndieWeb standards like Micropub and Microsub. Check out this quick demo – http://share.cleverdevil.io/JNrG4pVNfY.mp4


The only saving grace of Georgia winning the natty will be constantly reminding them that UCF went undefeated and that their title is tainted.


I've been spending my commute re-"reading" The Dresden Files audiobooks, starting from the beginning. Currently enjoying Grave Perl (Book #3), and am reminded that James Marsters does an incredible job bringing voice to the books. 📚


@benwerd I'm interested in simplifying as well... I've been considering developing a flat-file storage backend for Known, with directories of JSON files for storage. Server management isn't that bad, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk makes it even less of an issue.


Checked into TASTE FIGat7th

Dinner before Cirque


Headed to Dodger Stadium with the family to see Cirque du Soleil. Hooray for weird French circus fun!


Happy to have moved my website's MySQL database to RDS. Three cheers for less maintenance 😀


Checked into Los Angeles Biergarten

Dinner and drinks before Joe Biden!


Heading to see Joe Biden speak in DTLA at the Orpheum Theater with Lacey. It’ll be good to get a dose of political sanity!


Joe Biden drag raced Corvettes with Jay Leno and I never want to imagine anything else.


Hey, @BeardOps, have you seen Classic Programmer Paintings? This one made me think of you: http://classicprogrammerpaintings.com/post/148027314949/we-rolled-our-own-crypto-pieter-bruegel-the


Thus begins my entry into the mechanical keyboard hobby. Oh dear.


Looking for a way to experiment with Lambda functions? Take a few cron jobs that you run on your pet VMs and convert them to scheduled Lamba functions! Your pets will become easier to make cloud native and your "cron jobs" will now be reusable.


@manton I'm also using Hulu Live. Had too much trouble with PS Vue. I'd like to try out YouTube TV, but there's no Apple TV app, sadly.


Checked into Taylor's Prime Steak House

Quick dinner before another event.


After hearing Joe Biden last night and Pete Souza tonight, I’m reminded of just how grateful I am for the eight years of service of Barack Obama as President. We were so blessed!


Checked into DreamHost West

Last day at DreamHost ❤️


Here's to what's next

1 min read

Last week, I shared that I have decided to move on from DreamHost, and its been a crazy week tying up loose ends, meeting with colleagues to remember our time together, and reflecting on the past. 

Now, its time to focus on what's next.

On January 16th, I start as Chief Technology Officer at Reliam, a managed cloud service provider based out of Los Angeles, CA. Reliam has just secured up to $75 Million of investment from Great Hill Partners to drive growth. Simon Anderson, former CEO of DreamHost, and my ex-boss, has joined Reliam as CEO. I am thrilled by the possibilities that are ahead of us!

Why does this opportunity excite me? Well, that requires some storytelling that will come later. Suffice it to say, the tectonic shift to public cloud is a huge opportunity, and I believe that this team and company have what it takes to help businesses of all shapes and sizes make the move.

Looking forward to an amazing 2018!


Checked into Redbird

Going away dinner!


ICYMI, I posted about the next step in my career: https://cleverdevil.io/2018/heres-to-whats-next


Great idea. I'd love to see this happen.



If you can’t score a TD from the 2, you don’t deserve to win. Especially in the playoffs. Sad for the Falcons, but it’s time to take a hard look at your offense. Underachieved all season. Finally bit you. Go Jaguars, I guess? 🏈


Listening to Tony Romo yell at a team for laying an egg in the playoffs is deliciously ironic. 🏈


Finally set up my tester Lutron Caseta dimmers in my living room today, and I’m impressed. I think I’m gonna put these things everywhere soon.


Baptism and Political Resistance ✊

3 min read

In today's church service, our pastor delivered a message about the biblical sacrament of baptism. After the message, the congregation was invited to the front of the church to participate in what the United Methodist Church refers to as the "Congressional Reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant." Following the process outlined in the UMC Book of Worship, I reaffirmed my baptism in Christ today. Before approaching the baptismal font, I read the following:

Renunciation of Sin and Profession of Faith

On behalf of the whole church, I ask you: Do you renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, reject the evil powers of this world, and repent of your sin?

I do.

Do you accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves?

I do.

Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Savior, put your whole trust in his grace, and promise to serve him as your Lord, in union with the church which Christ has opened to people of all ages, nations, and races?

I do.

According the to grace given to you, will you remain faithful members of Christ’s holy church and serve as Christ’s representatives to the world?

I will.

This past year has been extremely trying for me in my faith in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election. Each passing day, I watch as many evangelicals enable injustice and oppression, and fail to reject the evil powers of this world, as the President of the United States spouts overtly racist, isolationist, and sexist words. I watch as many churches and Christians say nothing as the President pushes policies that harm the poor and deepen racial and gender inequality. Evangelicals, especially white evangelicals, voted hugely in favor of this man, and are enabling him every step of the way. I'm personally sick of it.

As I walked through the process of reaffirming my baptism today, I also am renewing my commitment to resist this despicible administration. I have made a promise to God to serve as Christ’s representative, to reject the evil forces of this world, to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves, and to do it all together with the church, which is open to all ages, nations, and races. Therefore I choose to resist this President, his hateful and isolationist agenda, and all who support him. I wish to do this together with the church, just as I am called. I encourage you to join me.

Note: I am not advocating that the Church should be "democrat" or "republican," or even political. I'm advocating that Christians, as Christ's representatives in the world, are called to fight injustice, oppression, and evil, no matter what form it takes. Right now, one of the most pressing forms of oppression and injustice in the world is Donald Trump, and his administration. Resist.


Watching cartoons with my boy. He’s currently digging on some mid-2000’s anime, and I think we should watch more cartoons together 🤪


Again, welcome to the joys of the IndieWeb. I, too, share your concerns about the long-term viability of community oriented projects like Known, Brid.gy, etc. I've recently heard it suggested that perhaps IndieWeb work should be managed under the umbrella of a foundation, which is supported by active community members and corporate sponsors.

The other encouraging note is that commercial endeavors are popping up that support IndieWeb specs and share similar philosophies. Notably, I like what I'm seeing from Micro.blog.


I’ve been free of traditional cable/satellite TV for a little while, and mostly it’s been good. That said, the UX for Hulu on Apple TV leaves a lot to be desired. Many missed opportunities to both embrace what is good about traditional cable & to innovate. Instead? Muddled mess.


I’m two days in, and the new job has me absolutely overflowing with excitement about the opportunities ahead. Oh, and the challenges.


But, you know what is the best? I’ve got a whole new group of smart, talented people I can help mentor and grow. Nothing excites me more than helping build up other people. Is there anything better?


That reminds me: we need more talent. Yesterday. If you’re an engineer looking to dive in deep with AWS across a broad set of problems and customers, let me know! Diversity is key. Bring it!


Just heard that @textism is gone and I'm gutted. Believe it or not, Dean (and his cohort @jasonh) were pivotal in shaping my view of computing and, in many ways, my career. Rest well, Dean. The world will miss you.


Checked into Jimmy's Famous American Tavern

Dinner with the exec team.


Another great post about Dean. Makes me pine for the good old days of blogrolls, meetups, and the TextDrive VC100! ❤️

Blogs were the real social media.



Checked into Loews Santa Monica

Day two of planning.


Checked into Bar Belle

Bar Belle

Wrapping up the plan!


I've made it! I've officially pissed someone off with my mechanical keyboard sounds.



Headed to San Diego to take Lacey to see Hamilton this evening after a (hopefully) amazing dinner. Then, a night in a five star hotel suite! Merry Christmas to @cleverangel from the whole family 🍾


Thank you to all who are marching today. Your voice must be heard, and I'm with you! You matter.


Checked into Grant Grill

Grant Grill

Dinner and drinks before Hamilton!


Turns out that, yes, Hamilton is just as amazing the second time.


As I descend deeper into the madness of mechanical keyboards, I pine for a web store to create and order fully custom keycaps, where I can pick profile, key size, color, font, etc. ⌨️🤓


At dinner last night, I completely ignored my diet. Bread, potatoes, and dessert. This week, I’m going to have to be entirely committed to my keto cause!


Checked into Skyview Center

Work work work.


Checked into Hey19

Drinks and dinner with a friend.


I’m fairly confident that my next step is to acquire a k-rad license plate.


Great news from @brentsimmons on his view of the .



Friends! My new job has me thinking about possibilities and strategy. If you’re one of my cloudy friends, I’d love to schedule a chat with you! Preferably locally. Preferably with 🥃.


Here is a question for ya, friends. If I set up a trip to the Bay Area, how many of you would sit down with me and chat? Drinks/lunch/dinner/coffee on me!


This is precisely the type of transformation we can drive for our customers at @Reliam, and @AgileBits is using many of the same tools, including Terraform. Great blog post!



Me: “William, make up a superhero!”
William: “Ummm.... CAPTAIN POOPYPANTS!”
Me: “What’s his superpower?”
William: “He farts... FOR JUSTICE!”


Yum, Chris, that looks amazing. I've never made a dutch baby before, but I enjoy them from time to time at our neighborhood Original Pancake House.


Checked into School Of Rock

William is learning how to ROCK! 🎸


Checked into W's China Bistro

Takeout for the fam.


1955 Jaguar XKSS

1 min read

Season two of Amazon’s The Grand Tour has been a huge improvement over the lackluster debut season. The latest episode featured the Jaguar XKSS, which was originally released in 1955, and is being rereleased this year by Jaguar. The XKSS is easily one of the best looking cars of all time.


Checked into Ralphs

Picking up ingredients for Colette’s birthday dinner. Sausage, artichokes, and noodles!


Outfitted the remaining shared spaces in my house with Lutron Caseta dimmers and switches today. Oh, and for good measure, I set up an automation to dim my lights when I start watching something on @Plex in my living room. 🤩🎉


@aaronparecki.com Haha, same issue here. It’s a bit too aggressive on transitions at the moment, too. I’m thinking of adding a delay or some additional smarts. Fun stuff. Are you using homebridge?


@aaronparecki.com I like the idea of a motion detector. Amazon AWS released these inexpensive cameras with onboard ML/AI a few months ago. Maybe I’ll give that a spin.

I have the same layout in my living/dining/kitchen, so I’d have to get creative.


Off to Las Vegas on business. 🎇💸🕳🎉


👋🏼 Las Vegas


Checked into Mon Ami Gabi

Dinner with the team.


Checked into Grand Lux Cafe

Quick bite to start the day.


Serious question: can a non-profit or not-for-profit be the target of anti-trust / monopoly charges? If not, every for-profit health insurance provider is screwed. (Good riddance).



There’s no doubt that this initiative, if truly about reducing costs and increasing quality / coverage, has the potential to improve the lives of those with employer-provided healthcare. But, what about those that have to buy on their own?