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January 03, 2018


Love to see all of the new activity on Micro.blog after the latest πŸ’©β˜”οΈ over on Twitter. Welcome, everyone!


inessential: 2018: Some Hope

Great post by Brent Simmons. We're at a pivotal point in the history of the web. Its becoming clearer every day thatΒ Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the rest are primarily motivated by greed, and the world is taking notice.


I've seen the narrative that Amazon Linux 2 is AWS' strategic foothold into hybrid peddled quite a bit, lately. Seems totally off base to me. Its the developer story, folks!



Remember in the early days of AWS, Ubuntu had a foothold as the developer desktop Linux of choice, and that resulted in mass deployment of Ubuntu in EC2? Remember Docker's meteoric rise, prioritizing "works on my machine" as a deployment model? Its all about the developers!


So, yes, Amazon Linux 2 is *primarily* about the developers. Make it as frictionless as possible to do the same thing locally as you do in AWS, and you'll win the hearts and minds of developers. Can Amazon Linux 2 also capture some other parts of the market? Sure.


I'd say, "a little bit" of hybrid, and a *lot* of developer/portability.