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January 11, 2018


Happy to have moved my website's MySQL database to RDS. Three cheers for less maintenance πŸ˜€


Checked into Los Angeles Biergarten

Dinner and drinks before Joe Biden!


Heading to see Joe Biden speak in DTLA at the Orpheum Theater with Lacey. It’ll be good to get a dose of political sanity!


Joe Biden drag raced Corvettes with Jay Leno and I never want to imagine anything else.


Hey, @BeardOps, have you seen Classic Programmer Paintings? This one made me think of you: http://classicprogrammerpaintings.com/post/148027314949/we-rolled-our-own-crypto-pieter-bruegel-the


Thus begins my entry into the mechanical keyboard hobby. Oh dear.


Looking for a way to experiment with Lambda functions? Take a few cron jobs that you run on your pet VMs and convert them to scheduled Lamba functions! Your pets will become easier to make cloud native and your "cron jobs" will now be reusable.


@manton I'm also using Hulu Live. Had too much trouble with PS Vue. I'd like to try out YouTube TV, but there's no Apple TV app, sadly.