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July, 2018


Spain v. Russia was a perfect example of the dark side of soccer. PKs as a deciding factor encourages inferior teams to play for a tie, so they can ultimately win the soccer game by playing a loosely related game of PKs. Lame.


To anyone already using my service, here is an iOS Workflow for sending articles to Indiepaper - https://cleverdevil.io/s/hgmKUXa4o2jaHozClixV.wflow. Just change the Authorization header and mp-destination to yours.


Wow! Croatia! I thought Denmark had it for sure after the PK miss to close extra time. What an effort!


As survivors arrive to the Behemoth, two factions form over how to handle a life-or-death threat. Holden grapples with what he's seen and the choices he must make.

Watched on Safari


LeBron coming to LA for four years? Let’s go! 🏀🤴🏾🏝


Success! I have repaired and upgraded my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. They now feature a detachable headphone cable. A little soldier goes a long way 😀


Caught the conclusion of the Belgium-Japan game at lunch. Epic finish! The World Cup has been insanely good so far. ⚽️🌎🍵


Add native support for Indiepaper

1 min read

Regarding Together

Now that I've launched Indiepaper, I'd love to see Together add native support for sending articles to Indiepaper with the click of a button. This would require a few configuration settings, including the configuration of a bearer token and a target micropub destination.


Honestly? Face ID is vastly inferior to Touch ID. It’d not even close. I’m hoping generation two makes the same kind of leap forward as Touch ID 2 did.


I whipped up a quick plugin for @WithKnown to publish GitHub issues and comments on your own site, with automatic syndication to GitHub via Bridgy – https://github.com/cleverdevil/Known-GitHub


I should have known that Marcus had already built something! My plugin takes a slightly different approach, using Bridgy for the syndication, rather than implementing it natively.


Its just not reliable enough for me, especially in sunlight, in bed, or when wearing sunglasses.


The simplest option would just be to let people manually configure Indiepaper by having them enter their Bearer token and Micropub Endpoint from Aperture.

I think @aaronpk is considering making it possible to IndieAuth directly with a Microsub channel in Aperture, which would provide a better experience eventually. In the meantime a manual configuration option would still be useful.


Indiepaper for macOS

1 min read

Indiepaper LogoIndieWeb Summit 2018 took place a few weeks ago in Portland, OR, and my project on day two was to create a service called Indiepaper, which is a "read it later" service for the IndieWeb. Indiepaper makes use of Mercury by Postlight Labs under the hood to extract article content and then publish it to a Micropub destination for later reading. Indiepaper is open source and is deployed on AWS Lambda using the Zappa framework. The Indiepaper website includes a tool to create a Bookmarklet for your web browser, and a Workflow for iOS that adds system-wide support for sending links to Indiepaper.

In order to make Indiepaper even easier to use, I created Indiepaper for macOS, which adds system-wide sharing support for Indiepaper to macOS. Here is a quick video demo of Indiepaper for macOS in action. Indiepaper for macOS is also open source, so feel free to poke around in the source code, and submit pull requests if you have improvements!


I'm interested to see which oil lobbyist the Cheeto-in-Chief picks to head the EPA now that comically corrupt Scott Pruitt is out.


I’m pretty pleased with how https://www.indiepaper.io turned out, and how well the macOS app works! 🎉


@viticci have they exposed Activity Rings in Shortcuts? It'd be awesome to be able to pull that data and then send it somewhere via an HTTP API.


Automate configuration of mp-destination and token

At present, Indiepaper for macOS requires that the user manually configure their target micropub endpoint and a bearer token. This is nice and explicit, but it isn't a particularly good user experience. It would be better if configuration was automated.

Currently, I am thinking that I should add auto-configuration via a URL handler for the macOS app. Something like this:


Then, when clicked, the link would launch Indiepaper for macOS, store the configuration, and let the user know that they're all set.


Thanks so much for writing this up, Daniel! Sadly, I think I contributed a lot to your frustration by having a conversation start, and then having to jump into other life things without having it finish. I certainly didn’t intend to be dismissive in our conversation. I just had to run off to handle other life “stuff.”

For what it’s worth, I totally agree with the spirit of your post. After much more reading and research (thanks to you!), my personal plan is to stop registering new .io domains.

For my existing .io domains, I’ll be setting up an annual contribution to support the Chagossian people in larger amounts to help transform them into positive impact.

As the original author of the comment about depression and anxiety, I want you to know I stand behind that comment. I got myself into deep trouble by going down rabbit holes where every action I’ve taken (products I’ve purchased, movies I’ve watched, music I have listened to, every little thing in the world) ends up connected to something harmful. It’s a complicated, and yes, political world. I strongly believe in being thoughtful and cautious with my actions, but I won’t do the world any good if I descend into depression and become paralyzed to act. I have to choose my battles.

Thanks again for writing this up, Daniel, and know that your personal advocacy was helpful to me in understanding how I can fit into the larger context of making a positive impact on the world!


I added experimental support for IndieAuth in Indiepaper today. Test it out here – https://www.indiepaper.io/indieauth.html. Once authenticated, you get an automatically generated bookmarklet and a button to click for automatically configuring Indiepaper for macOS.


Working on on Indiepaper has been a fun project. It's involved writing Python, Swift, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and using @awscloud Lambda, S3, and CloudFront.


On board the first leg of my very long trip. See you in 20 hours, Dubai! ✈️


I added support for categorization in Indiepaper on my layover in Amsterdam. The website is updated with docs. I also updated the macOS app to add support for categories (NSTokenField FTW).


Checked into Q43

Biz lunch.


Thrilled to see @manton added experimental support for Indiepaper in Micro.blog! Give it a try, folks, and let me know what you think.


On the first leg of my journey to Dubai, I watched Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes, a documentary about the ancient art of Japanese wood block printing brought to contemporary subject matter. Recommended! Now I want to buy some prints!


Checked into Burj Khalifa (برج خليفة)

Tallest building in the world!


Checked into At The Top

Headed to the top 😀


Checked into Yotel

Layover nap in a sleeping pod.


Thank you, Guido, for your many years of leadership! An example for others to follow.



A sleeping pod is like a tiny hotel room you can rent in four hour blocks to catch some 💤 in between flights!


Three days in Dubai

Three days in Dubai
Three days in Dubai
Three days in Dubai
Three days in Dubai
Three days in Dubai

Earlier this week, I was in Dubai for three days on business, and had a chance to visit the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.


Hey, cool, Indiepaper and I both got a mention on the latest episode of @CoreInt. Thanks, @manton 😀 https://coreint.org/2018/07/episode-336-bringing-webrings-back/


I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place. 🏖☀️❤️


Checked into Farm

Dinner with friends.


What an utter disgrace. I’m absolutely ashamed of our country’s leadership.


You’re very welcome 😀


Gross. Happy to not be a Roku customer. I'd rather pay more for quality hardware at a sustainable margin than be subjected to more surveillance capitalism.



Replied to a post on werd.io :

Ben, thanks for having the courage to write this post! For those of us who struggle with anxiety and depression, the current state of affairs in the world is staggeringly difficult to navigate. In my experience, one of the most helpful things is shared experiences with others who are also struggling. I'm with you, right there, struggling along side. Every day brings a new challenge. Its good to know that there are others struggling along with me.

What I've been grappling with the most is wanting to tune out what's going on with our government because its harmful to my mental health, but then realizing that my exercising my privilege as a wealthy white man in that way does a disservice to those who are being hurt, disenfranchised, and discriminated against. I can't just tune it out, I have to fight! But, where can I find the energy? How can I balance my mental health with the tragedy that is going on in the world?

Again, thank you for sharing. You're not alone. <3


Thanks for the great support @geteero. Your agent, William, helped diagnose a problem, and now I'm empowered to fix it. One of my generation one units is dying, but I'll be replacing it with a shiny new generation two and a beacon.


Checked into Rolling Hills Country Club

Rolling Hills Country Club

Dinner and a concert with a view!


Checked into Hermosa Beach Playhouse

Both of my kids are in a community theater production of Annie today! 💗


Rugby Sevens on TV! It’s not football, but it’ll do 😀


Checked into Holly Glen Park And Wading Pool

Picnic with other Davinci Innovation Academy families.


"I love you all but your pasta choices are debatable" is perhaps the most @viticci thing ever said.



In the evenings the past week or so, I've been working on a tool to help people move their Facebook content to their own website. I've now moved most of @cleverangel's data over to http://cleverangel.org. - https://github.com/cleverdevil/ditchbook


My goal? Get people off of Facebook completely, and back onto the open web, where they're in control. I highly recommend Micro.blog as a great place to land! Using https://github.com/cleverdevil/ditchbook, you can even move your data 😀


Checked into Sacks On The Beach

Bulletproof coffee FTW


Checked into Sisters’ Barn

Trying the new BBQ joint in the neighborhood.


Proud to hear my pastor, a woman, preaching openly and firmly about LGBTQ inclusion in the church this Sunday morning. Praise God!


Hey, Micro.blog users! I built a way to add an "On This Day" feature to your website. I've put it on @cleverangel's site at http://cleverangel.org/on-this-day, but you can (in theory) use it too! Instructions here - https://github.com/cleverdevil/micromemories


My boy @williamlacour turns 5 in a few months, and @cleverangel and I are considering getting him a video game system to help hone his fine motor skills. Is 5 too young? Are there any good games for kids this little on, say, the Switch?


Checked into Charles H. Wilson Park

Park and ride! First Hollywood Bowl visit of the season 🤗


Annie was wonderful. But, I’ll admit to spending most of the show watching my little girl in adoration. ❤️


Thanks for all the feedback on video game systems for little ones. We've decided on a Nintendo 2DS for the kiddo!


If you're using my service to generate an "On This Day" page for your Micro.blog site, it's now an order of magnitude faster thanks to optimization. To see the benefits, you'll just need to have posted recently! - https://github.com/cleverdevil/micromemories