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January 07, 2019


Thanks, Eagles! Happy the Rams don’t have to play the Bears next weekend! πŸˆπŸ‘


Finally figured out the perfect temp for sous vide pork chops: 139F. Tonight’s chops were cooked for three hours, and were seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, and horseradish mustard. Finished in a cast iron skillet and served with Parmesan creamed spinach. πŸ˜‹


Linda's new friend introduces her to essential oils and Aunt Gayle is convinced she must be rescued. Meanwhile, Bob and Teddy are bamboozled into performing a series of annoying favors for Mr. Huggins.

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First into the Tank is a husband and wife team from Newtown, Connecticut, who pitch their simple and brilliant rooftop assistance design that helps access your vehicle’s roof with one easy step; entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, present their fitness workout that offers a softer, lower impact alternative to the treadmill; a teen entrepreneur from West Bloomfield, Michigan, introduces his solution for making the perfect coffee at home with his cold brew kit; a mom from Walnut Creek, California, presents her simple baby seat that sits right on your hip and makes it easier to carry your baby.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 307: Casey Apple Pencil

John reviews Casey’s stuff, Marco draws on his iPad, and Tim writes a sad letter.

By Accidental Tech Podcast