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January 22, 2019


Checked into Ice Chalet

Ice skating lessons


Watched Aladdin (1992)

Princess Jasmine grows tired of being forced to remain in the palace, so she sneaks out into the marketplace, in disguise, where she meets street-urchin Aladdin. The couple falls in love, although Jasmine may only marry a prince. After being thrown in jail, Aladdin becomes embroiled in a plot to find a mysterious lamp, with which the evil Jafar hopes to rule the land.

Watched on Trakt


Finally watching the Rams game after my trip. That pass that Goff made to B. Cooks to set up the TD before the half was elite. It’s amazing how good Goff can be so early in his career! 🏈


McVay is such a fantastic offensive mind! The tricky reverse play that set up the Rams’ second TD was shockingly good play design. A thing of beauty. 🏈


Just saw the finish and wow! Amazing win! That kick would have been good from 70. Yes, I saw the awful no-call. But, with two minutes left and a tie game, both teams had to fight to win, and I have no doubt the better team won. 🏈