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February 27, 2019


The competitive food show that celebrates the families who make ordinary food extraordinary is back! Over three weeks, 16 family teams battle it out in the showdown studio kitchen. They face a series of challenges based around family cooking and they are judged by presenters Angellica Bell, herself a Celebrity MasterChef winner and cookery book author, and Tommy Banks, Britain's youngest ever Michelin-starred chef. In each episode, the teams are given two tasks - one they have had time to practise at home, the other a complete surprise, testing their collective ability to work together and think on their feet.

Tonight, the Whites from Hampshire take on the Penmans from Lincolnshire, the Stones from Dorset and the Abimbola-Younges from London. All four families enter the showdown kitchen totally unprepared for their first challenge - to make a Β£10 brunch for a family of four with a surprise selection of ingredients. Their second challenge is to cook up their family's take on a pasta bake. Taking both dishes into account, judges Angellica Bell and Tommy Banks decide which three families can cook for them again in the next heat.

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Tonight, the three remaining families from the first heat face a surprise head-to-head challenge - they must volunteer one family member to cook without knowing the dish they have to prepare - a salted caramel tart. For the second task, the families are back together to make a two-course meal with beetroot and oats as the star ingredients. The pressure is on as only two families can make it through to Friday's play-offs.

Watched on Trakt


@benwerd Two thoughts: 1. Micro dot blog is a great, IndieWeb-friendly platform that is accessible to consumers. Not fully there yet, but a good model. 2. I like the idea of something like serverpilot.io, which separates the underlying infrastructure from the management.


Listened to Reconcilable Differences 97: Invisible Work

This week’s sprawling main topic is β€œEmotional Labor.” Who ends up ordering the birthday cake as well as justifying the ways of boss to employee?

By Reconcilable Differences