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February 28, 2019


Tonight, the Butlands from Cornwall take on the fun-loving Lees from Warrington, farming family the Whites from Scotland, and the Gohils and Al- Sheikhs from London. All four families enter the showdown kitchen totally unprepared for their first challenge - to make a Β£10 meal for a family of four with a surprise selection of ingredients. After cooking up fish and chips with a twist for their second task, they then face elimination, as only three families can make it through to the next heat.

Watched on Trakt


Hey, look, another episode of Two Dads Talking! - https://twodads.fm/2019/02/28/episode-i-made.html


Listened to Episode 4: I Made a Pikachu Pancake

Your hosts are back, and they recap Jonathan’s vacation to Maui, discuss sharing special places with family, debate hotels vs. resorts vs. condos, follow-up on some tech topics, and finally talk about balanced parenting. Oh, and Eddie’s cat happens. Blog Post: Tracking My Movie, Tv and Podcast Activity Overcast Micro Monday You can find out more about Eddie and Jonathan at their respective websites: Jonathan is cleverdevil.io Eddie is eddiehinkle.com For past episodes or to subscribe to future episodes, visit us at twodads.fm.

By Two Dads Talking


For Micro.blog users using micromemories to create an "On This Day" page, I've added some clarification to the README for users with custom themes – https://github.com/cleverdevil/micromemories#requirements.