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March 05, 2019


Listened to Automators 18: Terminal Automation with John Siracusa

Web programmer John Siracusa joins the Automators to share his thoughts on automation workflows, the best programming language for automation, and how automating your Mac desktop can become a road to madness.

By Automators


It is the second of the play-offs. The four winning families from last week's heats now have to compete for just two places in the finals. First, there is another unprepared challenge to test their creativity in the kitchen - a surprise pick 'n' mix of ingredients that they all have to cook with. Then they rustle up a family treat night meal and hoping to impress the judges enough to secure a place in the finals.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to Upgrade 235: Don’t Be So Mean

This week, Upgrade gets controversial! Face ID vs. Touch ID! Apple execs tinkering with TV content! iOS apps invading the Mac! Netflix - threat or menace? The British TV licence! And a laser explosion!

By Upgrade