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April 23, 2019


Retro Apple-Inspired Keycaps for my NightFox Keeb 🍎

Retro Apple-Inspired Keycaps for my NightFox Keeb 🍎
Retro Apple-Inspired Keycaps for my NightFox Keeb 🍎

Finally received my XDA ObliqueΒ keycaps in the mail and put them on my NightFoxΒ keyboard that I use at home. Inspired by Apple keyboards of old, such as the famed Apple Extended Keyboard II.


First into the Tank are sisters from San Jose, California, who combine two delectable desserts into one amazing treat. An entrepreneur from West Hollywood, California, pitches his modern alternative to traditional ATM machines. An entrepreneur from New York City presents his clothing design for both men and women that combines two comfortable fashion trends into one. Last into the Tank is an entrepreneur from Mclean, Virginia, who introduces his hypoallergenic sleeping product that helps reduce snoring and dry mouth.

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Test cook Dan Souza makes Bridget the quickest One-Hour Pizza. Equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for baking stones and steels, and gadget critic Lisa McManus reviews under-appliance dusters. Then, Julia and test cook Elle Simone unlock the secrets to the ultimate Beef Short Rib Ragu.

Watched on Trakt


Added a theme switcher feature to my website. Users can choose from light mode, dark mode, or the default, which is to respect their operating system’s setting. Give it a try at cleverdevil.io and let me know what you think.


Played Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 45 minutes.


Listened to Our 2019 Mock Draft, with Lessons for Kyle

Harry Lyles Jr. joins us for a very serious and analytical 2019 NFL Mock Draft, because we definitely know all of the team needs in this Draft and have ground as much tape as humanly possible to identify breakout stars and busts. We would never make a bunch of dumb joke picks that left one of the best players completely skipped over in the first round while a kicker got taken in the top 15. And we definitely would not forget who plays for the Miami Dolphins! That’s not this show, because this show is about SERIOUS FOOTBALL SERIOUSNESS.

By Shutdown Fullcast


Loving my new XDA Oblique keycaps on my home office keyboard. They make my NightFox look and feel significantly better, but I think I've ultimately decided I don't really like the switches. Eventually, I'll have to sell it and get something else...


Still super happy with the "hello" and "courage" keys... https://cleverdevil.io/file/3ac38eddd59b419997cf9dde011f6217/fullsizeoutput_9c4c.jpeg