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April 29, 2019


Played Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 115 minutes.


Played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 25 minutes.


Checked into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Headed to Boston for Board meeting.


Listened to Connected 240: I Got No Time for Automator

The European duo covers the latest in iPad keyboards (and DIY kickstands) before they consider the future of Mac automation and Shortcuts. At the end, Myke is sad about folding phones.

By Connected


On a flight to Boston and enjoying my awesome Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 - https://amzn.to/2ZKPNvy - for charging my laptop and iPhone. Also loving Anker's MFi USB-C to Lightning cable to go along with it - https://amzn.to/2DHmcK6 - much more durable then Apple's.


Listened to Dear Internet Episode 2 – Alligators, Geese, and Demon Cats

Dear Internet, This week we touch on all of the most aggressive beasts in this, our terrible world. Should you be more afraid of a moat alligator, a demon cat, or a canada goose? The answer is of course β€œyes.” Sorry for spoiling the episode, but please still listen anyway. We are a new show, and would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star review on your podcast app of choice! If you want more Dear Internet, please consider supporting us on patreon through Cast of Thrones. Sincerely, The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Jennifer Cheek, Michael DiMauro, Tim Lanning, Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS – follow us on Twitter!

By Dear Internet


The Impossible Burger is very good. Fast food represents a significant portion of the environmentally taxing beef consumed globally. Health impact is also significant. A rollout at Burger King is a big deal. πŸ” πŸ‘‘


No, I’m not giving up meat, yet. I prefer sustainable sources, though, and am all-in on replacing our supply with better alternatives, including man-made products, 3D printed β€œmeat,” etc.


Listened to Upgrade 242: Myke and the Modems

This week we’re all about Guilherme Rambo’s reporting about the future of Apple’s platforms, from Find My Friends to new support for external displays and pointing devices, to the complicated future of automation on macOS. Plus Kindles, 5G, and YouTube!

By Upgrade


Hah, just as I recommend the small Anker Atom PD1, they have released the PD2, which provides *two* ports and 60W. Instabuy. Can't wait to put it in my backpack! – https://amzn.to/2DEjdlD