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June 25, 2019


ANW brings the competition indoors for the first time ever in Seattle’s Tacoma Dome for the City Qualifying Round. Competitors face up to 6 challenging obstacles, including “Lunatic Ledges” and “Barrel Roll,” which are new to the course this year.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to Upgrade 251: And Then You Eat the Ice Cream

It’s Public Beta time! This week we get Jason’s review of the macOS Catalina beta. Also Upstream returns (half a billion for JJ Abrams?) and Myke at the Movies calls on “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

By Upgrade


My email inbox: "IndieWeb Summit is just around the corner!"
Me: https://media.giphy.com/media/DpB9NBjny7jF1pd0yt2/giphy.gif


Listened to Automators 25: WWDC 2019 Automation Update

Happy WWDC week! David and Rose are on the ground at WWDC in San Jose to bring you up to speed on the new automation heading to iOS and iPadOS. They also recap WWDC, the Automator’s meetup, and Rose describes how she lost a fight with a leaf.

By Automators


Listened to Episode 124: Major distraction

A quick recap of last night’s longer-than-expected server upgrade. I also talk about progress on the Indie Microblogging book, and Ghost import.

By Timetable