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August 11, 2019


Played Sonic Mania

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 50 minutes.



Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 155 minutes.


Listened to OBB Ep #43: Too Many Interviews

This episode features interviews with: Joaquin Gonzalez, Brock Berlin, Alex Donno and Scott Bergin. We also debut our new corespondent who was up in Tallahassee checking out Seminole Camp.

By Orange Bowl Boys


Chocolate Week features a secret recipe challenge, and a Showpiece in which the teams have five hours to produce a magnificent sun, sea and sky-themed extravaganza with three types of chocolates. Their creations must demonstrate a mastery of chocolate, consummate technical ability, artistic flair - and a moving part.

Watched on Trakt