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December 10, 2019


Dustin's crew is left shorthanded after an unlikely injury, forcing him to take a calculated risk that nearly turns deadly. After his luck turns, Fred's dives on his 76th birthday to decode a bedrock gold mystery.

Watched on Trakt


An entrepreneur from Miami Gardens, Florida, presents his patented system that easily helps decorate and set up a Christmas tree in a matter of minutes. Santa and his elves from Murray, Utah, enter the tank with their fun and easy-to-attach body decor, while an entrepreneur from Stowe, Vermont, presents his web rental service that ships outdoor gear and apparel directly to you, wherever and whenever adventure strikes. Finally, an entrepreneur from West Boylston, Massachusetts, introduces his innovative tool to make holiday gift-wrapping easier.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 08. A God Walks Into A Bar

Time is a flat circle! Remember that? Anyway, time exists on all points for the gang as they discuss the penultimate episode, featuring the great blue dong himself! Also: A NEW game is played! It’s called Gatekeeper! Topgallantradio.com - Radio for sailors

By Watchmen: On the Clock