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February 25, 2020


Jon and Roy visit chef Wolfgang Puck at his Las Vegas steakhouse CUT to test Jon's Onlet-making skills and prepare some incredible cuts of meat.

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Honeydew : Fruit Salad :: Pretzels : Snack Mix


While in Las Vegas, Jon and Roy stop at Border Grill for a lesson in modern Mexican cuisine from co-owners Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to Bounty Buddies – Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Oh wow Mando, you just had to get the gang back together to for one last job that is too good to be true. Join your hosts Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek, Jane Ritt and Pat Edwards every week as they dice up and serve you their hot and fresh The Mandalorian reactions and thoughts. …

By Bounty Buddies - The Mandalorian Podcast