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March 21, 2020


Parker prospects a claim owned by a tight-knit family with more gold than anything he's seen in the Klondike. In Montana, Freddy Dodge puts Team Turin on rich glacial gold. The Dirt goes behind the scenes with Parker's crew and reveals Team Turin's MVP.

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Johnny and Moira treat themselves to a night in the Presidential Suite at the new motel, but soon discover other people had the same intention. Alexis is pleasantly surprised by a visitor but struggles with the news theyโ€™ve unloaded. David and Patrick ready themselves for their engagement photoshoot.

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Johnny becomes overly involved in Alexisโ€™s romantic life, making an already difficult time worse for her. After discovering her car covered in eggs, Moira learns she offended the townspeople by disparaging Schittโ€™s Creek in an interview with People magazine. Jocelyn helps out David and Patrick at the store and proves to be a top-notch salesperson, much to Davidโ€™s annoyance.

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Listened to Connected 286: The iPad G4

Apple has announced new iPad Pros with a new keyboard and trackpad case, as well as the addition of cursor support in iOS 13.4. Myke takes it for a spin as Federico waits for his download. Then, Appleโ€™s updated Macs and Stephenโ€™s new project, Mac Madness.

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