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April 08, 2020


Iโ€™ve named my digital sign for notifying my family of my work status (Do Not Disturb, Quiet Please, and Available) the โ€œDaddyboard.โ€ Today, I also spent a little time integrating it with Hammerspoon, so I can switch statuses with keyboard shortcuts. Lua FTW!


No *youโ€™re* crying during the Schittโ€™s Creek finale.


Listened to Upgrade 291: The Ugly Potatoes Are Used for Fries

This week Myke got a new iPad Pro, so he and Jason compare notes. Then we enter the Conspiracy Roomโ„ข for talk about that iPad, pro iPad apps, and ARM Macs. Plus: Whimsical iPad cursors and olโ€™ Tim โ€œContingencyโ€ Cook!

By Upgrade