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April 21, 2020


Hmm... I can’t seem to get my patched β€œnerd font” working on iPadOS... has anyone managed to get one working? I am using the same OTF file that I use on macOS, installed in iPadOS via AnyFont.


Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review:

β€’Β Keyboard is better than the one on my 2017 MBP.
β€’ Heavy. Too heavy.
β€’ Trackpad is amazing, but too small.
β€’ I’ll miss being able to fold the keyboard behind the iPad.
β€’ Less than half the price of four iMac Pro wheels!

3/5 ⭐️


A lot has happened in the world of coffee since this show dropped in 2000; since then, Alton Brown has brewed (and consumed) a lot of coffee. Here's his new look at roasting, grinding, brewing and the gear you need to do it.

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Angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious, Fleabag arrives with a bang, as she spins through the city grasping at anyone and anything that might keep her head above water.

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An anonymous tip to FBI agent Doug Mathews speaks of a con surrounding the much-beloved McDonald's Monopoly game and its mysterious mastermind, a man going by the moniker of β€œUncle Jerry.”

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