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July 04, 2020


Less than one day into this Palm Desert excursion, and I’m convinced this was an amazing choice. We just watched projected over our pool :)


Listened to Dear Internet Episode 27 – Buttered Business Buttholes

Dear Internet, This weeks show we talk about terrible cook boy friends, how to get your butthole on facebook, and making a terrible job more bearable. On this weeks show, I mentioned a very good clip from impractical jokers. If you aren’t familiar with the show, its kind of a reverse prank/public improv show that most people write off. In this clip, while doing their thing, a customer complains to the owner and they kind of run with it. Check it out below. Thank you for reading this, XOXO We are a new show, and would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star review on your podcast app of choice! If you want more Dear Internet, please consider supporting us on patreon through Dear Internet. Sincerely, The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Jennifer Cheek, Michael DiMauro, and Tim Lanning! Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS – follow us on Twitter!

By Dear Internet


If you were ever curious how long your pug’s tongue is, just bring them to Palm Desert. You’ll find out pretty quickly.


Pardon me while I go watch on repeat until 2020 is mercifully over.