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October 08, 2020


Ninjas face up to 6 challenging obstacles, including Off the Hook, Spinning Bridge, and the new Sideways, in addition to the fan favorite Spider Climb and the iconic Warped Wall. Ninjas include Meagan Martin, Joe Moravsky, Tiana Webberley, Michael Torres, and The Cowboy Ninja Lance Pekus.

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Listened to OBB Ep #102 Warm It Up Chris

Our Hurricanes face #1 Clemson this Saturday night. We are joined by the man who will be calling the ABC Game of the Weekโ€ฆESPNโ€™s Chris Fowler! We also hear from I.P. Daley, the Florida Power Poll and our Week 6 Picks, including our final score predictions for UM/Clemson. Enjoy!

By Orange Bowl Boys


Listened to Stew & Bruce’s weekend picks

The Athleticโ€™s Stewart Mandel & Bruce Feldman pick some of this weekendโ€™s best games against-the-spread. Florida @ Texas A&M (-6.5) Oklahoma vs. Texas (+2) Tennessee @ Georgia (-12.5) Miami @ Clemson (-14) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

By The Audible with Stew & Bruce: A show about college football


Witness all the crazy strategy you didn't see that shaped the shocking triple eviction! Plus with only six remaining a new HOH will be crowned, and two houseguests will be nominated for eviction.

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On a very special episode of The Boys... an hour of guts, gutterballs, airplane hijackings, madness, ghosts, and one very intriguing Female. Oh, and lots of heart -- both in the sentimental sense, and in the gory literal sense.

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