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October 24, 2020


In the last episode of the series, the five comics are not only playing for homemade chowder but also for the inaugural Taskmaster series winnerโ€™s trophy. Tasks include playing golf with eggs and cooking a meal using ingredients starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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Hot Fuzz is a near-perfect film, from start to finish.


Watched Hot Fuzz (2007)

As a former London constable, Nicholas Angel finds it difficult to adapt to his new assignment in the sleepy British village of Sandford. Not only does he miss the excitement of the big city, but he also has a well-meaning oaf for a partner. However, when a series of grisly accidents rocks Sandford, Angel smells something rotten in the idyllic village.

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Greg Davies returns as the Taskmaster as five new comedic competitors tackle a raft of tricky tasks with todayโ€™s episode including a potato-throwing moment set to make television and sporting history.

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Nursery rhyme music videos are the flavour of episode two and viewer discretion is advised for Jon Richardsonโ€™s disturbing take on Three Blind Mice. Plus find out why Doc Brown isnโ€™t an egg man.

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Listened to 317: Captain Flip Flop

Reviews have landed for the iPhone 12 and iPad Air. The trio talk through the coverage, including Federicoโ€™s iPad Air article. Also: Stephen asks for help with a problem, and Myke is very excited about how gold phones are made.

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Listened to Dear Internet Episode 38: Coffin Wives

Dear Internet, Itโ€™s bois night on Dear Internet! And yโ€™all know what that means! Boys get in free! (Note: everyone gets in for free at all times on Dear Internet) The boys are bringing the questions this week for a special digital Geekly Con episode. Thatโ€™s not all, this week we have special guest Nika Howard on the show. We discuss decorating your room to look like a 90โ€™s taco bell, spending a reasonable amount of money on a wedding dress, and buying a coffin for your wife. Stay gold, XOXO We are a new show, and would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star review on your podcast app of choice! If you want more Dear Internet, please consider supporting us on patreon through Dear Internet. Sincerely, The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Jennifer Cheek, Michael DiMauro, and Tim Lanning! Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS โ€“ follow us on Twitter!

By Dear Internet