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November 21, 2020


Listened to Apple Macbook Air with M1 review / Apple will reduce App Store cut to 15 percent / end-to-end encryption for RCS in Android

Walt Mossberg joins the show to discuss his experience with Appleโ€™s Macbooks with the new M1 chip. Nilay, Dieter, Chris, and Dan discuss The Vergeโ€™s reviews of the computers. Stories from this week: Trumpโ€™s post-election tantrum is holding up federal vaccine planning Virus surges complicate the distribution of scarce COVID-19 treatments CDC says people should not travel for Thanksgiving due to COVID-19 surges The COVID-19 pandemic hits new highs and new lows Apple Macbook Air with M1 review: new chip, no problem Apple Macbook Pro with M1 review: flexing Arm Apple Mac Mini with M1 review: over-performer macOS Big Sur review Hereโ€™s how to run any iOS app you own on Appleโ€™s new M1 Macs Apple will reduce App Store cut to 15 percent for most developers starting January 1st Appleโ€™s biggest App Store critics are not impressed with its new fee cut for small developers Google Stadia is coming to iOS officially as a web app Google Payโ€™s massive relaunch makes it an all-encompassing โ€ฆ Google is rolling out end-to-endโ€ฆ

By The Vergecast


Rick bets nearly all his gold on a new machine that could transform his operation. Tony resurrects an abandoned secret weapon. Parker hires new crew members to make up for lost time.

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The Dakota Boys race against time and put their new crew members to the test to rebuild their mine sites and haul heavy equipment to the Trifecta and Rockfall Ravine. Their first dive is golden and promises a successful season.

Watched on Trakt