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January 05, 2021


Resident horologist Steve Fletcher works on a clock that was fashioned from the propeller of a plane that crash-landed in France during World War I. Passed down through the injured pilot's family, Steve must get this piece of history working for future generations. Metal expert Dominic Chinea brings his skills to bear on a rusted and seized-up shoe-stretching machine, one of the few reminders of owner Maggie's parents and their shoe shop. And stained glass expert Matthew Nickels takes on a tricky challenge - restoring two badly damaged windows which were rescued from a Victorian variety theatre shortly before its demolition.

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Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life. Resident clockmaker Steve tackles an intricate Boulle-work clock that hasn't ticked for over 15 years. Soft toy restorers Julie and Amanda take on a jumbo-sized project in the shape of a threadbare, but much loved, wheeled elephant. And woodwork specialist Will get to grips with one of the Repair Shop's oldest ever assignments - a 300-year-old Georgian desk that is showing its age.

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Welp, I now have an M1 MacBook Pro on the way. Wasn't planning on upgrading, but my current laptop continues to give me issues. Pretty sure its the logic board.

Apple Silicon, here I come.


Listened to 333: New Year, Same Old Prediction

2021 has arrived, so it’s time for Jason to predict what he thinks Apple will do this year. But it’s also time for Myke to look back on his 2020 predictions and judge how well those came out.

By Upgrade