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February 14, 2021


Listened to DYNASTY TIME

Listened to DYNASTY TIME

โ€”Why is Ben Franklin smiling on the 100 bill? Because heโ€™s pantsless โ€”NCAA FOOTBALL IS BACK! (Again. Not more than it was. On the way? BACK.) โ€”Ryan on why Congress should pass legislation to bring back Banjo and Kazooie โ€”A brief diversion into a musical about Aaron Burr slapping Alexander Hamilton to death โ€”Which schools in the new NCAA video game that should be inherently corrupt โ€”The challenge of putting fake facilities in the game more absurd than the real ones โ€”Did you know Auburnโ€™s current football facility has a flight simulator? You do now! โ€”A proposal for real coaches, i.e. your staff might be mostly inept family members โ€”BOOSTER MODE โ€”Holly issues an amazing challenge for next weekโ€™s episode

By Shutdown Fullcast


Carl is forced to leave the claim for an emergency surgery; Rick's team bands together to stay on the gold; Fred's crew steps up after the loader dies; Tony pays the price for ignoring a long overdue upgrade.

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