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April 04, 2021


Listened to 424: Ethernet Squid

Listened to 424: Ethernet Squid

WWDC’s announcement, WatchConnectivity, read-only Twitter apps, Ubiquiti’s trouble, network-switch fashion, and the latest hot news about cryptocurrency.

By Accidental Tech Podcast


Lee attempts an audacious hammer throw, Sarah makes sitting down memorable and Jamali forgets his passport. As usual, Alex Horne offers the intrepid contenders moral support

Watched on Trakt


Listened to OBB Ep: 119 The Pipe

Listened to OBB Ep: 119 The Pipe

Spring Ball Continues, We Pay Respect to the The Pipe and a rather BIG announcement about the future of this cute little podcast.

By Orange Bowl Boys


Listened to 339: The Inbox Is The Spice

After an explanation on how feedback is best sent, Federico and Myke discuss their thoughts on TickTick, the (potential) future of the music industry, the announcement of WWDC 2021, and whether Connected listeners prefer Dark Mode or Light Mode.

By Connected