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April 07, 2021


After new parents Cheyenne and Bo get into a fight, Amy and Glenn take vastly different approaches in giving them advice. Meanwhile, Mateo and Jonah get assigned to handle dog adoptions in the store and work feverishly to get all of the dogs adopted once they find out what will happen to the dogs if they don't. Dina refuses to adjust Garrett's timecard based on "store rules," leaving Garrett happy to taunt Dina in revenge.

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Listened to Come On Down To Clemson Church

When you think about it, we’re all just running downhill for Jesus Second Easter of quarantine, reviewed (bad!)Presidents’ Days of the future, improvedRyan invites the ire of nautical cocaine traffickers worldwide, for business purposes

By Shutdown Fullcast


Listened to Dear Internet Episode 64: A New Ghost Just Dropped

Dear Internet, On this weeks show, we talk about disrespecting history, admiring your boyfriend, and breaking news, a new type of ghost just dropped. Stay gold, XOXO We are a new show, and would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star review on your podcast app of choice! If you want more Dear Internet, please consider supporting us on patreon through Dear Internet. Sincerely, The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Jennifer Cheek, Michael DiMauro, and Tim Lanning! Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS – follow us on Twitter!

By Dear Internet