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April 21, 2021


Listened to You Tell That Bobcat To Stop Emailing My Wife

- Ryan has a very cool solution for Spencerโ€™s โ€œI owe the internet video of me drinking 300 beersโ€ that Spencer just barrels past - A law enforcement story introduces Godโ€™s secret archangel, Cajun Damon - A goodish number of wildlife updates - Hey, the Charity Bowlโ€™s over, we have a lot of people to thank and are going to forget at least half of them. Weโ€™re very tired! You did this to us!

By Shutdown Fullcast


Listened to 349: Six Colors and Not a Color

New iMacs and iPads! The long-anticipated debut of AirTags! Podcast subscriptions! A new Apple TV remote! Ted Lassoโ€™s secret shortbread recipe! Fresh from viewing Appleโ€™s latest event, Jason and Myke break down all the announcements.

By Upgrade