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May 20, 2021


Earlier tonight, I put some boneless short ribs into a sous vide bath for a 48 hour soak. I think it’s time to put myself in a one hour hot tub soak. Seems fair.


Listened to 353: Orange iMac in My Orange Office

Jason’s been using an orange 24-inch iMac for the last week and we’ve got his review. Also, Apple Music goes for high quality and spatial audio, WarnerMedia is on the move again, and Jeff Bezos is a television genius.

By Upgrade


Listened to Two Nights at the Hell-agio

Topics of note this week include: 1. The Pac-12 turns itself into an enormous casino 2. What the exact age you became a person was 3. How many hours precisely one can spend in Las Vegas before the sadness sets in 4. Which team should actually get to play home games in The Rose Bowl 5. Nick Saban wants skinnier hosses

By Shutdown Fullcast