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June 04, 2021


Host Bridget Lancaster cooks a crispy Cast Iron Pan Pizza, equipment expert Adam Ried shares tips on caring for cast iron, and test cook Keith Dresser makes Cast Iron Baked Ziti with Charred Tomatoes.

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Ed Lee enters the kitchen and tells the chefs they will be competing tournament style; the chefs duke it out at the Portland Japanese Gardens, where they must create dishes featuring various textures of tofu.

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Listened to 100 Gears Of Kongitude

State mottos, ranked, PLUS:Spencer is convinced there is a β€œweird wayβ€œ to take off a shirtRyan wears a tank top!Which beloved Louis Sachar character is revealed to be Jason?Holly makes herself sick during the show in an entirely new way How to sneak into Australia with an American passport

By Shutdown Fullcast