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September 01, 2021


The National Finals return to Las Vegas where the ninjas face up to 8 super-sized obstacles. In Split Decision, the ninjas decide between a grueling upper-body obstacle or a riskier balance obstacle in the hopes of securing their spot in Stage 2.

Watched on Trakt


Annalee, an award-winning high school teacher, and Lily, a flight attendant, are sisters from Southern California. Annalee started the first Latinx student union for her school that helps students with academic support and scholarships. Now could be their turn for a payout.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to ABRAHAM, ISAAC, & JACOB: Daddy issues (with Rodger Sherman and Shaker Samman)

Genesis 12-35! God’s putting together a crew! Faaatherrr Aaabraham, Mother of Dragons Growing up Jewish! Growing up Muslim! Quran is pretty cool, btw So much weird sex stuff??? β€œThe Nature Boy” Jacob β€œThe Snake-ob” Follow guests @rodger & @shakersamman Tips appreciated at supportvbs.com! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram! Bonus newsletter on WRESTLING GOD at jasonkirk.substack.com

By Vacation Bible School Podcast