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December 08, 2021


Listened to Chapter #1: Joaquin Said Concentrate

Orange Bowl BoysChapter #1: Joaquin Said ConcentrateShow NotesMario Cristobal is coming home to Miami. Cristobal, who helped lead the University of Miami to two national championships in 1989 and 1991 as a standout offensive lineman, has been named the Universityโ€™s 26th football head coach, President Julio Frenk announced today (Dec. 6). One of college footballโ€™s most highly regarded coaches, Cristobal returns to his alma mater after leading the University of Oregon to three straight Pac-12 Conference championship game appearances and two Pac-12 titles. He is the only coach in the nation whose team has played in a Power Five conference championship game in each of the past three seasons.โ€œWe are incredibly excited to welcome Mario, his wife, Jessica, and their sons Mario Mateo and Rocco home to Miami,โ€ Frenk said. โ€œMarioโ€™s legacy as a student-athlete at the U is well established. And the standard for competitive excellence that he and his teammates helped establish is one to which we continue to aspire. Ourโ€ฆ

By Orange Bowl Boys: A Miami Hurricanes Podcast