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December 18, 2021


Listened to Chapter #2: Rudy’s The Wolf

Orange Bowl BoysChapter #2: Rudy’s The WolfShow NotesIf everything goes according to plan, this week’s guest will go down as one of the most consequential figures in the history of the Miami Hurricanes Football Program. That’s where we are. That’s how impactful his last 90 days have been. President Frenck put Rudy Fernandez front and center on this historic revamping of the Athletic Department. He joined us for an hour and answered every single question we threw at him. We had a total blast and he’s a true Canes fan that deserves all of our thanks!Sponsors: Ed Morse Automotive Group, BeatinTheBookie.com & CaneswearOrange Bowl Boys are owned and produced by OBB Media Inc. You can visit us online at www.obbmediainc.com. Copyright 2021.

By Orange Bowl Boys: A Miami Hurricanes Podcast


After a season filled with new twists, the 5 remaining castaways must battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. For the first time since season one, the winner is revealed live on location. The finale is followed by an after-show hosted by Jeff Probst.

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Everyone's favourite trio are back and they're here to answer a very important question: What's going on with French cars? Join Clarkson, Hammond and May as they investigate the wonderfully weird world of French cars on their latest Grand Tour adventure.

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Rick pivots to chase a vein of gold-rich paydirt that’s bankrupted other Keno miners. Parker heads to Alaska to prospect, leaving Mitch with a difficult decision to make at the Airstrip. Tony targets white channel paydirt to turn his season around.

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