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March 10, 2022


The Tick and Arthur go on a trip to a field park about dinosaurs. There they meet Dinosaur Neil, a scientist who shows the two that he has a real dinosaur cell, but it would grow if it isn't kept in a special substance. Neil accidently eats the cell and slowly turns into a half-man, half-dinosaur monster. Arthur realizes the ""special"" substance was merely aspirin, so he gets The Tick to feed a giant aspirin to the man-beast, turning him back into a human. In the end, Neil starts talking to and dating Arthur's sister, Dot.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 397: My Favorite Amount of Transistors

It’s not every day that Apple introduces an entirely new Mac line. But on March 8, that’s exactly what happened. Jason, Myke, and special guest Stephen Hackett discuss the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, along with the updated iPad air and iPhone SE.

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