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March 27, 2022


Listened to 475: Shove It Out the Back

Mac Studio upgrades and thermals, Studio Display engineering, and why we care so much about 5K.

By Accidental Tech Podcast


Listened to Episode 63 - Aaron Feld

In part one of a two-part episode, Josh Darrow sits down with Miami’s new strength and conditioning coordinator Aaron Feld, who details his career path, his relationship with Mario Cristobal, his philosophy when it comes to helping his players succeed physically and mentally and how excited he is to put his program to work at The U.

By Behind The U


Parker sees if his $5-million Mud Mountain gamble pays off; Rick breaks records; Fred fights back; Tony piles on the gold. On Hoffman Family Gold, Todd’s back for his biggest risk yet, a gold-rich Alaskan mine with only 7 weeks til winter.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 390: The Permanence of Objects

Myke has questions about the Mac Studio, Federico was right about Workflow and Stephen has some suggestions for the Bill of Rickies.

By Connected