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April 25, 2022


Listened to THE RED SEA: First of all, it wasn’t the Red Sea

Exodus 13-18, one of the most Google Maps portions Something similar to the story could’ve happened! But there’s no way to know! And that’s ok! Let’s discuss the Indiana Jones of Bible scammers, Jurassic Jesus Park in Kentucky, and ladies being prophets Tips appreciated at supportvbs.com. Gonna send VBS stickers to monthly donors, for starters Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram Bonus newsletter at jasonkirk.substack.com Review on your podcast app, and may waters part marshily before you

By Vacation Bible School Podcast


While we'll never be able to recreate and recapture precisely what Twitter is (was?), I do think that the best option for most people looking for community, a great place to post and read content, ease of use, and appropriate moderation, check out Micro.blog.