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April 29, 2022


Bridget Christie shoves a cuddly toy inside a traffic cone, Sophie Duker does a dinosaur impression, Ardal O'Hanlon is defeated by a robot, Chris Ramsey is impressed with a hose, and Judi Love is confident about everything except marbles.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to SINAI: What’s the Bible about? (with Richard Elliott Friedman)

Exodus 19-20ish, the part about Moses leading the Israelites to meet Huge Loud Scary Firestorm God Greatest pyro entrance of all time Is monotheism having a moment? We’re joined by Dr. Friedman (author of Who Wrote the Bible and many other books) to talk Prince of Egypt (he did some work on it), the Bible’s overall storyline (it has at least one!), β€œOld Testament God vs. New Testament God” (not really a thing), the origin of the Golden Rule (maybe the story that revolves around Sinai), and a lot more! Support welcomed at patreon.com/vbspodcast! Got some merch and stuff there, and we might like to try out a monthly Zoom call. Let us know if you like that idea! Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram, subscribe to jasonkirk.substack.com, review on your podcast app, and may the thunderfire speak to you softly

By Vacation Bible School Podcast