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May 01, 2022


Listened to TEN COMMANDMENTS: Wife Guy Moses and God’s TOS page

Exodus 20! How many of these Ten do we agree to keep today? They all seem pretty simple, obvious, or outdated, right? Well!! Tried something new: recorded a Zoom with a few of our Patreon Associate Pastors, plus Interfaith Council guests: Michael Elkon (@BravesAndBirds) and Hasan Masood (@hasmas)! Let’s hear it for idols! Now Lord, when you say β€œmurder,” what do you mean by that? Youth pastors turn every commandment into a rule against making out! The 10th commandment sees what you’re plotting and urges you to consider otherwise! Also, bonus Fellowship Q&A episode from this recording on the Patreon Early Service feed!

By Vacation Bible School Podcast


Listened to 480: Three Wise Admins

The Studio Display camera, Thunderbolt PCIe enclosures, security cameras, migrating from Gmail to Fastmail… and yes, Twitter.

By Accidental Tech Podcast