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May 02, 2022


Listened to GOLDEN CALF: God’s marshmallow test (with Jane Coaston)

Exodus 24, Exodus 32, and so forth (thereโ€™s a whole lot of laws and blueprints mixed within the storyline) โ€ฆ Think the Bible itself is weird? Waitโ€™ll you get a load of church history! Unchallenged faith: is that really even faith? Aaron at Mount Sinai: total idiot, good cop, willing scapegoat, nepotism hire, anarcho-pacifist, retcon reclamation, or all the above? By now, Moses and God are an old married couple โ€ฆ Oh no, the big dweebs who wrote Leviticus just did a murder spree (for the Lord) โ€ฆ Why a calf, anyway? Follow @janecoaston and @vbspodcast on the social medias, patreon.com/vbspodcast to exchange blessings, Homefield Apparel for VBS shirts, and your favorite podcast app to leave us a review! Next up: Godโ€™s traveling tailgate rig, the Tabernacle

By Vacation Bible School Podcast


Listened to TABERNACLE: I feel God in this Minecraft tailgate (with Rev. Chris Lee)

Pretty much the whole last half of Exodus, except for the Ten Commandments-adjacent rules and the Golden Calf chapter Why yes, we DID have fun talking about quite arguably the most boring stretch of the whole Bible! Why yes, you CAN recreate a very accurate Tabernacle in Minecraft Letโ€™s talk high church โ€œversusโ€ low church Featuring special guest pastor Reverend Chris Lee of St Johnโ€™s With St Maryโ€™s Mansfield And! Letโ€™s! Finally! Wrap! Up! Exodus, a dude book also about ladies Support the show by leaving us a rating/review on your podcast app! You can also visit us on Twitter or Instagram or even Patreon!

By Vacation Bible School Podcast