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May 05, 2022


Listened to Q&A: Heresy reviews, salvation fear, and animal souls

Hi pals! Taking a break from the main Bible storyline to hit some listener questions, such as: Whatโ€™s the Protestant holiday calendar like? Which Bible verse most contradicts its own book? Thereโ€™s a Toad the Wet Sprocket song about the apostles being sick of Paul lol. What are the Bibleโ€™s best name meanings? Every Catholic heresy, given a thumbs up or thumbs down! Do animals have souls? Do Christians, um, like, kinda, you know, wish for death, um, so they can go to Heaven, welp? Whatโ€™s the Bibleโ€™s scariest verse? A light round of Calvinism vs. Arminianism! Is it fun or bad when Pop Culture makes versions of Bible stories? Well, Jasonโ€™s making a book, howโ€™s that going? As always, support is appreciated by following @VBSPodcast on Twitter and Instagram, leaving us a rating/review on your podcast app, and sliding us a $ amount on Patreon!

By Vacation Bible School Podcast