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May 06, 2022


Listened to NUMBERS: Maybe the Bible’s worst book!

The fourth book of the Bible! As always, remember the Bible has been written, edited, and interpreted by LOTS of people, and we’re under no obligation to treat its angriest voices as definitive of the entire thing. The actual story resumes! Things are finally happening! Numbers gives us phrases like “wandering in the wilderness,” “land of milk and honey,” and “eww girls have cooties!” There’s a reason Sunday school teachers steer WAY clear of all Numbers content besides Talking Donkey and Brave Caleb. Meanwhile, other Christians have used Numbers to justify all sorts of horrendous things! Aaron asks God the most pertinent question Aaron could ever ask God! Mommy God and Daddy Moses are fighting again, the Israelites are constantly griping about needing luxuries like food and water, and this is the worst road trip ever! This is a Miriam stan podcast! And your support is very appreciated on Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon!

By Vacation Bible School Podcast


Listened to DEUUUTERONOMY: Actually super important and mostly really good??

The final book of the Torah, the one we NEVER talked about in church, actually … kinda rules at times? In the story, at the edge of Canaan, Moses reframes everything that’s happened to this point, retconning the horrors of Numbers and synthesizing the Bible’s competing God ideas into one coherent theology that more or less works for everyone on earth (except the despicable Jebusites). Upgraded lore, now including IRON GHOST GIANTS (and way less murder). Talmud rabbis vs. Oprah’s collected life advice: who ya got? You want some more weird penis rules? Say less. God and Moses perform their finale duet, VeggieTales-style. There are patriarchal parts that really suck, because this was written ~2,600 years ago by a guy with specific bad ideas, and we’ll try to talk context. But for the most part, this is the most coherent and best-written book of the Bible so far. It’s also possibly just about the most historically important book in the entire Bible. Yep! Thank you to scholar friends Brad Haggard, Mike Altman,…

By Vacation Bible School Podcast


Listened to JOSHUA: Jericho was an inside job

WAR DADS AND LADY WAR DADS ASSEMBLE. It’s a new Bible section! Joshua is the dude version of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, but also somehow the most feminist book yet. Rahab, the Bible character whose job is most ignored by church, and also a military mastermind. THE WALLS OF JERICHO: pretty cool, but mostly for reasons besides those made up by Sunday school, Carman, and Joel Osteen. How can believers explain this awful book of murder being in the Bible? There’s actually a pretty simple way! What we’re talking about when we talk about “history in the Bible.” And setting up the map for three more books of general Game of Thrones behavior! As always, support for this program is greatly appreciated on Patreon, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and please consider leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice!

By Vacation Bible School Podcast