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May 21, 2022


Ardal O'Hanlon straddles a mannequin, Judi Love demands access to a puppy, Sophie Duker asks a very good question, and Chris Ramsey takes a sausage to the nostril. Meanwhile, Greg's tiny secretary Alex Horne shows off his mastery of mimicry.

Watched on Trakt


Shoresey is absolute perfection.


Listened to 483: The Faceless Knob

Why run copper wires through your walls when you can run fiber?

By Accidental Tech Podcast: Unedited Live Stream


Listened to 398: Moon is not a Number

This week, Stephen did something out of the ordinary, Myke tries to explain Apple Watch faces and Federico learns about Margherita pizza.

By Connected


Listened to 188 - Spanish GP Prerace 2022

We get ready for the upcoming double-header the only way we know how: by reminiscing about Pastor Maldonado. SHOW NOTES LEC’s classic Extended highlights from a Formula E’s is divisive eSkootr: , , and Nick’s ! Colton Herta alerting us to a …

By Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast


Listened to 187: Connected: WWDC Quiz

Myke has some questions for Federico and Stephen in what is the first installment of a new, long-running quiz game.

By Relay FM Crossover