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June 06, 2022


Finished Stranger Things 4: Vol. 1 today. The first half of Vol. 1 was difficult for me to get through, but the back half returned to the form of prior seasons, with a focus on characters. Happy I stuck with it! The reveal was 🤩


Master saddler Suzie Fletcher rescues a pair of tired and torn boxing gloves that once belonged to the owner Andy’s uncle, who died tragically as a young man. Andy is keen to have the precious keepsakes restored for his father as a surprise. Natural history conservator Simon Moore is faced with a huge challenge when he takes receipt of an unusual cigarette box, crafted from an ostrich egg shell. It was a gift given to owner Trevor’s grandfather during the Second World War, when he was stationed in the Far East. And metalworker Dom is delighted to work on a 1950s toy bike that was gifted to the owner’s brother by none other than Laurel and Hardy during a performance in their home town.

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Master saddler Susie Fletcher has her work cut out with a treasured leather satchel that’s been through the wars. Owner John’s grandfather bought it in a Cairo market while serving in the Second World War. The market was bombed, but the lucky soldier escaped with just a shrapnel wound. The satchel itself bears the blood stain. Horologist Steve Fletcher brings all his expertise to the repair of a Victorian clock that is that is linked to an incredible wartime story that made national headlines. The clock has been in owner Wendy’s family for over 100 years, for most of its life sitting proudly on the mantle of her grandparents’ pub in Kent. In the last few years it has become increasingly unreliable and has not chimed in decades.

And silversmith Brenton works his magic on a mythical creature. The bronze sea serpent pen holder was made by owner Alan’s great-grandfather, who had a passion for making such curiosities.

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A once-beautiful mid-century coffee table has been part of owner Graham's life for 60 years. The item belonged to his parents and took pride of place in their living room. Wood restoration expert Will uses all his knowledge to bring this unique wooden object back to life. It's collaboration time for clockmaker Steven Fletcher and our toy duo Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell when a wind-up panda dating from the 1960s is brought to the barn. It is the first toy owner Gill remembers having and was a gift from her late father, who died two weeks before her sixth birthday aged just 52. After providing 50 years of comfort to Gill, panda is looking worse for wear.

An unusual and ingenious contraption arrives for the attention of metal worker Dominic Chinea. It is a coconut scraper and was the creation of Dudley's father, who migrated with his family to the UK from India in 1958. Dudley and his brothers have fond memories of helping their mother make a Goan treat called Kulkuls.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 183: The Pinching Opportunities

In a conversation both sprawling and comically on-brand, your hosts explore the concept of doing things “properly.”

By Reconcilable Differences


Listened to SAMUEL: “The Messiah” and the golden hemorrhoid rats

We’re entering a whole new chunk of the Bible, and it might be a surprise chunk! Why we’re now in Samuel instead of Ruth, the book that’s up next according to Christian Bibles! Yet another barren womb! As always, when the Bible reuses a story, the variations are everything! The Bible’s first usage of “the messiah” is a fine time to talk about how poorly the average Christian understands the old, complex, ever-evolving concept! Meet the original Typical Preacher’s Kids! A war catastrophe leads to the Philistines capturing the Ark of the Covenant, which goes very terribly for the Philistines’ genitals! If you like this show, please give us a review on your podcast app, follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, and consider giving us $1/month via Patreon (or $5.77 for bonus episodes, Discord membership, a sticker, and stuff).

By Vacation Bible School Podcast