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June 24, 2022


Listened to Shale Varsity, or How To Get Stupid Rich And Still Finish .500

Notesโ€ฆ Yet another discussion of Noah, Historyโ€™s First Regretful Boat Owner The World Cup gives D.C. what it really craves: sports disappointment The petrochemical state of the SEC West, including one school we think might burn chickens for heat LeBron James, French Toast Hercules Letโ€™s assume LIV Football will be a thing and figure out whoโ€™s joining up, when, and why, and what the NCAA will do in response (itโ€™s nothing, absolutely nothing)

By Shutdown Fullcast


Listened to 488: Pebbles on the Scale

HomePod Mini vs. the world, the M2 MacBook โ€œProโ€, CarPlayโ€™s ambitious plans, and the state of SwiftUI.

By Accidental Tech Podcast