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July 09, 2022


Desperate for cash, Mike and Alison rent the house to a film crew making a period drama – a move that pushes both Thomas and the old house’s floorboards to breaking point.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to Dead Presidents / Settlers of CaTen

SHOW NOTES - It used to be a lot easier to just fight a U.S. President in the street, and we have a fair and equitable plan to correct that - Big Ten, everyone is frankly shocked that y’all aren’t better at Settlers of Catan - Care and feeding of your jetski - We have fixed realignment via the NCAA’s favorite chew toy: A consortium. You are welcome - Visit sunny preownedairboats.com

By Shutdown Fullcast


Listened to 490: Tiny Pictures of Knobs

The imminent MacBook Air, Lockdown Mode, improvements in Ventura beta 3, and finally jumping into SwiftUI.

By Accidental Tech Podcast