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August 08, 2022


Lucienne comes to Morpheus with disturbing news. Rose Walker goes in search of family. Admirers of the Corinthian's work scheme to get his attention.

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As Morpheus closes in on one of his missing creations, Rose ramps up efforts to locate her brother β€” and unwittingly makes a friend's dream come true.

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Odd disturbances shake up The Dreaming, Rose sets out on a road trip with a new friend, and The Corinthian arrives with a guest at a creepy convention.

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As the Dream vortex grows more powerful and the walls between the realms weaken, Rose must make a difficult choice. Morpheus confronts The Corinthian.

Watched on Trakt


OBS Studio 28.0 Beta 1 added support for Apple Silicon, and so far its working great for me. So much more efficient. Worth a look if you rely on OBS!


Listened to The SEC and Sun Belt 2022 preview show

Godfrey, Richard, and Alex preview FBS’ two Southeastern conferences, one after the other. Topics include whether either Georgia or Alabama will take a gap year, if the Texas A&M narrative will change one way or the other, whether there’s any team that *can’t* finish second in the SEC East, who could finish last in the West, the QBs at Kentucky and Florida, the Sun Belt’s new additions, what we will learn about Old Dominion this year, if Louisiana can stay atop the SBC West after Billy Napier and a bunch of key players left, what’s going on at Arkansas State, and why some Sun Belt schools in the Gulf may pose an existential threat to each other. And more! Subscribe to our Patreon at splitzoneduo.com. Production: Anthony Vito. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

By Split Zone Duo