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September 18, 2022


Listened to New England Style Justice Chowder

Itโ€™s time to clear the docket! Bailiff Jesse Thorn has the week off. Monte Belmonte and Joel Mann join Judge Hodgman to dispense New England Style Justice. Hosting gatherings with your spouse, silverware sorting, maple syrup, car navigation, and sleeping with the windows open during New England winters.

By Judge John Hodgman


Listened to Trivial Lawsuit

Listened to Trivial Lawsuit

Becky files suit against her brother, Andrew. Sixteen years ago, they had a dispute over the correct answer in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Becky says that Andrewโ€™s answer was wrong because it was not the exact same answer on the card. Andrew says that the spirit of the answer was the same. Whoโ€™s right? Whoโ€™s wrong?

By Judge John Hodgman


Shipโ€™s captain Dorran promised his family heโ€™d build a super-modern underground lair on a hill outside Canterbury. But as the epic build hits choppy waters, will Dorran fulfil their dream?

Watched on Trakt


Listened to 191: Love and Cleaning

Apple announces some new products, London Bridge is down, and your hosts continue their tour of mini-topics.

By Reconcilable Differences


When I was growing up, we used to play a game where weโ€™d grease up a watermelon with vaseline, throw it in the pool, and try and wrangle it.

Iโ€™m pretty sure thatโ€™s what it must feel like to try and tackle Kyler Murray.